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Save the date!

This coming Tuesday (October 30), we will beginning our new six week series of the Jewish Learning Institute, entitled "The Land and The Spirit." The course discusses the strange obsession that the Jewish people have with Israel. If it's part of our history, why isn't it history, yet it seems to be part of our everyday life? Join us as we journey to find out, sign up  here or visit (for those technically unsavvy, call 412-363-CHABAD [2422]). Oh, and if you're under 30 (and who isn't these days), registration is FREE, you just cover the cost of the textbook!

The Friendship Circle Bowling League!

The Friendship Circle Bowling League is in its second week and is going strong! There are approximately 25-30 kids getting together on Sundays for fun bowling and interacting, if you'd like to be a part of these exciting events, just send us an e-mail to!
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