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Hamentashen Drive

The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh announces our First Annual Hamentashen Drive. The event is to take place in the morning of Purim day, March 4. The Friendship Circle's trained volunteers, dressed in Purim costumes, will be driving around town with all the ingredients for Hamentashen, the delicious three-cornered Purim treat. The enthusiastic teens will help the child (and siblings) put the ingredients together for the perfect Hamentashen, and proceed to put it in the oven to bake. The whole process should take about 10-15 minutes.They are scheduled to visit the homes of our 'special friends' who are already enlisted in The Friendship Circle, but are open to going to the home of any child with special needs, to give them an unforgettable Purim experience. This promises to be a fun and interactive Purim activity. For more information, or to have schedule a 'stop' in your home or that of someone you know, please call (412)363-2422 or e-mail

Challah Baking

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night, we will be hosting a Challah baking seesion, where women will learn how to bake delicious Challah and learn the significance of the delicious loaves that have graces Jewish tables for generations!

Torah Studies

We have officially begun a Parshah class. Every Sunday morning at Chabad Shadyside together with a hearty Kosher breakfast we will be discussing the Parsha from a more mystical aspect, only to bring it back down to earth with a practical lesson. Please join us!

Parsha Class Anyone?

Chabad of Shadyside was recently chosen to host the nationally reknowned lecture series, "Torah Studies." A branch of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, it is an in-depth weekly class on the Torah portion of the week. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming classes!

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