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Cooking Club!

as was mentioned in The Pittsburgh Post Gazette this morning, The Friendship Circle Cooking Club has been met with great fun and excitement this past Tuesday and the Tuesday before that. we will be continuing "The Circle" on Tuesday December 11, and 18. Please RSVP [email protected] to join this tremendous culinary experience!

Chanukah Oh Chanukah!

There is much going on this Chanukah.

We have a pre-Chanukah Menorah building workshop for The Friendship Circle, with the help of staff from Lowes Home Improvement. Chanukah food, music, and hands on fun are just a part of this sure-to-be fantastic event. Sunday, December 2, 2:00-3:30 @249 N. Craig St. 15213 (The Friendship Circle offices).

Walnut Street is busy this time of year so what better time to light the Menorah in the heart of it. The Shadyside community will light a giant menorah at Shadyside Village followed by a Chanuka Party at the Coffee Tree Roasters. Please RSVP [email protected], for a truly miraculous event! Thursday, December 6, Menorah lighting at Shadyside Village (corner of S. Aiken and Walnut) at 6:00PM, followed by The Party at The Coffee Tree Roasters (Walnut St.) at 6:30.

Friendship Circle Volunteers are invited to a special Chanukah Party. There will be entertainment, music, and Chanuka cheer. It's sure to be a jolly time! Saturday Night, December 8, 7:00-9:00 at The Saks Home, 5804 Ferree St. 15217.

The Jewish Kids Club will reconvene with Menorah building activities for kids ages 7-11. As the first was a great time, the second JKC promises to be a blast! Sunday, December 9, 1:30-3:00.


Save the date!

This coming Tuesday (October 30), we will beginning our new six week series of the Jewish Learning Institute, entitled "The Land and The Spirit." The course discusses the strange obsession that the Jewish people have with Israel. If it's part of our history, why isn't it history, yet it seems to be part of our everyday life? Join us as we journey to find out, sign up  here or visit (for those technically unsavvy, call 412-363-CHABAD [2422]). Oh, and if you're under 30 (and who isn't these days), registration is FREE, you just cover the cost of the textbook!

The Friendship Circle Bowling League!

The Friendship Circle Bowling League is in its second week and is going strong! There are approximately 25-30 kids getting together on Sundays for fun bowling and interacting, if you'd like to be a part of these exciting events, just send us an e-mail to [email protected].com!

Family Sukka Party!

You should be receiving your invite to the Family Sukka Party, to take place on Sunday, September 30, from 1-3PM (So you won't miss any of the football game). All families of our special friends are invited together with volunteers. There will be a moonbounce, entertainment, great food, holiday A&C, and just a great time!

The Kick-Off Was a Hit!

Please check out the pictures under the Friendship Circle page! With over 30 teens in attendance, I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Remember, if you want to sign up, please contact [email protected].

Volunteer Kick-Off!

The Friendship Circle will be holding its annual volunteer kick-off this Sunday at the Dinkin home in Squirrel Hill (1450 Inverness), from 7 to 8:30 PM. All teens between 8th and 12th grades are invited to attend. There will be kosher sushi for all, as well as live demonstarations, you will be able to learn more about The Friendship Circle and its new programs, and there will be surprise guest entertainment too! Please let us know before if you plan on joining us, it's sure to be lots of fun!

The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh will be going to Kennywood on Sunday, May 27. It promises to be a blast (as Kennywood always is), and for all those who are not yet part of The Friendship Circle, perhaps now is an ideal time to consider joining next year?

New Website!

How does everyone like the changes, as we have changed the format from the previous one. (I know it may take a sec to get used to, but you will.)

Also, please note the bottom of our website now has a link to learn more about the Chabad House to be built at VT in memory of Professor Librescu (OBM).  check it out here too!


Family Seder- A Singular Experience!

We will be hosting a Seder at Chabad Shadyside on the second night of Passover. Families and singles are invited to attend. We will drink the four cups of wine (or grape juice, should it be your preference), eat the matzah, and experience our nation's liberation from Egypt! Please come join us!

(Please RSVP

Hamentashen Baking!

Please join us at the home of Dan and Vickie Holthus (corner of Pembroke and St. James), as mothers and children are welcome to come learn to bake, and discover the significance of Hamentashen. We will meet on Thursday, March 1, at 6:00PM. It's sure to be an exciting, hands-on experience!

Purim: Israeli-Style

Please join us on Sunday, March 4, at 4:30PM for an Israeli-style Purim party at the Courtyard by Marriott- Shadyside! We will enjoy a delicious Israeli meal in honor of Purim, and hear the Megillah together with a multimedia presentation. There will be live music to sing and dance to, and a fantastic entertainer who is sure to keep us all enthralled!

Please let us know if you plan on coming, the suggested donation is $10 for adults and $8 for children, $36 for families.

Hamentashen Drive

The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh announces our First Annual Hamentashen Drive. The event is to take place in the morning of Purim day, March 4. The Friendship Circle's trained volunteers, dressed in Purim costumes, will be driving around town with all the ingredients for Hamentashen, the delicious three-cornered Purim treat. The enthusiastic teens will help the child (and siblings) put the ingredients together for the perfect Hamentashen, and proceed to put it in the oven to bake. The whole process should take about 10-15 minutes.They are scheduled to visit the homes of our 'special friends' who are already enlisted in The Friendship Circle, but are open to going to the home of any child with special needs, to give them an unforgettable Purim experience. This promises to be a fun and interactive Purim activity. For more information, or to have schedule a 'stop' in your home or that of someone you know, please call (412)363-2422 or e-mail [email protected].

Challah Baking

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night, we will be hosting a Challah baking seesion, where women will learn how to bake delicious Challah and learn the significance of the delicious loaves that have graces Jewish tables for generations!

Torah Studies

We have officially begun a Parshah class. Every Sunday morning at Chabad Shadyside together with a hearty Kosher breakfast we will be discussing the Parsha from a more mystical aspect, only to bring it back down to earth with a practical lesson. Please join us!
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